GGPoker Launches its New Splash Feature

GGPoker Splash

How are your emotions after a painful defeat at the poker tables? If you are tilting and want to relieve your frustration by taking things the easy way, the new and fun Splash feature is for you.

GGPoker is known not only for its huge variety of games and promotions, but also for offering its players a humorous atmosphere at the tables. Now with its Splash feature you will be able to take revenge on your nemesis and show them your emotions after a bad beat by interacting with funny throwable items.

What does the GGPoker Splash feature consists of?

Splashes are a new way to interact with players at the tables consisting of animations that you can throw, choosing from a bucket of water or an egg. When used, your opponent’s screen is completely covered with water if you use the bucket animation or it gets all splattered with egg if you prefer to make it messier.

To receive these animatios you must meet specific conditions during the game that make your defeat a very painful one. You can only use them against the player who defeated you, so if he leaves the table, you will lose the items.

Enjoy this new feature, as well as a wide variety of reactions and different functions that this poker site has to offer, such as the use of NFT avatars and its SnapCam function to make the games on the platform more entertaining.

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